Saturday, May 28, 2011

37w6d: End of the Road

Tomorrow, 5AM. Scheduled call to L&D to find out what time they want me to come in for my induction.
Last night before becoming a mom!

My mother-in-law arrived safely last night, and we went for Indian food--I was hoping that the old wives' tale about spicy food would get labor going....but it didn't happen. All the walking didn't get it going either, but I did enjoy getting some stamina back and seeing all the pretty spring flowers in the neighborhood. Today we went out for brunch and did some grocery shopping. We put away my work stuff and set up the pack-n-play on my side of the bed. I also got in some last minute nesting--I finished the scrapbook I started in 2006 of the roadtrip David and I took to Joshua Tree and Death Valley and the roadtrip a friend and I took from here to Madison through Grand Teton and Yellowstone. Yes, five years later, I finished a scrapbook. It was very satisfying.

MIL made a delicious chicken piccata for dinner. I talked to some friends and family on the phone after dinner, and then we watched--are you ready--The Parent Trap on TV. I cannot believe we spent our last night pre-twins watching a movie about twins.

Whenever the babies have been moving today, I've been trying to memorize the feeling. I'm never again going to be so close to them, and I'm never again going to feel new life moving and growing within me. I can't wait to meet them, but I'm also sad for them to have to leave the place where they've been safe and warm for so many months.

Babies, your mommy and daddy greeted the news that we were expecting you with disbelief. The news that we were going to be parents was scary. As lucky as we felt, it was still a shock. We wondered how our lives would change and if we were ready, if we could handle the responsibility. But the most overwhelming sensation I felt was love. You were mine, something I'd made, and I was so excited about the future--your future, and my future with you. What would you be like? Would you be a girl or a boy? Would you like me? Would you look like me?

And then, at the first ultrasound, we found out you were you and you. Twins. Your father was terrified. I was in disbelief. Seeing two heartbeats and two healthy babies growing inside could this be? Your Opa's reaction--that this was "the best news"--was the beginning of my ability to process that we could do this and it would be a good thing. couldn't be anything else. Of course you're twins. Of course you're the two of you. Of course we're having two babies. Of course we love you more than we ever could have imagined.

And tomorrow we get to meet you!

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