Thursday, May 12, 2011

35w4d: Two Book Clubs!

On Tuesday night I attended the local twins' club book club to discuss Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner. I had read that book, published in 1971 and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, shortly after graduating from college. It is a slog, but I think it is beautifully written and the ending makes it all worthwhile. I had warned the rest of the group at the last meeting that I had found the book tough going, and it seems that a lot of the women agreed with me. However, we had a really good discussion about the different characters and the portrayal of the West and 1960s culture. I didn't re-read the book; I just skimmed it and read some online reviews. I came away not really liking Susan and I don't remember having that reaction before. The book is a portrait of a marriage, so maybe now that I'm married I have a different perspective.

I really like this book club. The women are very supportive and I think it will be a good activity for me to get out of the house. They all understand the unique experience of being a MoM and I'm anxious to learn from them. Plus they're really intelligent and nice!

Then last night my friends' book club discussed Farm City. We agreed that the author probably embellished certain details to make a better story, but that we all enjoyed the book. One of the attendees is planning to get some chickens for her yard next year!

I love books and I love discussing them, and the communities of women in my book clubs are truly wonderful. I'm also so grateful to still have been pregnant for these meetings! When they were scheduled so many weeks ago I could only hope that I would make it.

And now here I am--exactly one month from my due date. Crazy!! These babies will be here before I know it!

And lastly, a photo I took while stopped at a red light on my way to book club last night. The lawnmower goats have returned!

The goats are the little white creatures on the hillside....they're munching down the tall grasses to prevent fire hazards during the dry season. I love lawnmower goat time! It's such an effective way to deal with the crazy weeds. And the goats are cute.

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