Saturday, May 14, 2011

35w6d: A Visit from Opa

My dad was in town briefly this week as part of the tail end of a group trip he took to Hawaii and SF. He came over on Thursday and Friday, and it was really nice hanging out with him. On Thursday he did a lot of chores for us--taking out the trash and recycling, setting up the new flat screen TV we got for in the bedroom, cleaning the stove, and folding laundry. He took us for dinner to a Southern restaurant near our neighborhood that we had been wanting to try for some time. I had fried chicken and David and my dad had jambalaya. The desserts were the best part--we ordered lemon ice box pie, pecan pie, and peach cobbler. A-mazing, and my blood sugar wasn't too bad either!

On Friday, I picked Dad up from BART and he came with me to my peri and NST appointments. He hung out in the waiting room during the peri appointment--I met with the dietitian, who was again very happy with me, and then the peri, who gave me the Group B Strep test. That was a quick swab and will determine if I need to have antibiotics during delivery. My fundal height was still 42 weeks, which made me a little worried--shouldn't I have gotten bigger?--but the doctor certainly wasn't worried, so I'm trying to focus on that. I've been having pain where my leg meets my groin, and he said that was from the relaxin in my pelvic bones. Totally normal. Good!

Next up was the NST. My dad said he thought he might have seen one ultrasound of me, so he was really excited to see the babies on the machine. He also liked hearing their heart rates and watching the monitor print out the graphs. Of course neither baby gave a good picture, but we saw their hearts and spines. The girl is still down by my left hip and the boy seems to be wiggling around at the top of my abdomen. Currently, he's getting himself wedged in my upper right ribs and frankly it's really uncomfortable!

After lunch we went to Babies R Us to return a lot of extra clothing--I hate BRU, but the store employees are always really nice and they let us return stuff without a receipt on my driver's license. After that we went for a spin around the store--yes, I used a wheelchair again and I feel absolutely no shame in it--and we found one of the high chairs I want. I had a couple 20% off coupons, which will be better than the 15% off completion coupon I have, so we bought that to save for later.

Last night was David's "farewell to life as I know it" happy hour that his co-workers planned for him, so he didn't get home until pretty late. My dad made dinner, a diabetic-friendly Chicken Waldorf salad. It was seriously delicious and another entree to add to regular rotation for later.

This weekend we've been working on getting the guest room/office and middle room straightened up....there is so much stuff and I really wish the desk in the office were more than just a table with a small drawer in the middle. Storage storage storage! We'll get there, I know--I just hope it's before the babies and my mother-in-law come (mainly my MIL; I know the babies won't judge).

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