Monday, May 16, 2011

36w1d: Babies Room!

The babies' room is finally in shape!

Sorry the first picture is dark. The room gets a lot of sunlight--great for babies; not as great always for cameras.

We went with a "safari" theme.

His and hers sides to the closets.

Picture frames waiting to have baby pictures added! The quilts that David's mom made are hanging from this crib. She also made the crib skirt. That was going to be my project, but obviously that didn't happen. The second bouncer is also visible in this picture.

Crib #2. The quilt that my aunt and cousin made is hanging here.

Two cribs take up a lot of room--so much so that the changing table has to live in the alcove outside the babies' room. One of my mom's friends is making them cross stitch birth certificates, and they're going to hang above the table.

You can see little masking tape labels I made for on the dresser of the changing table--the top drawer contains the flat diapers and snappis, the inserts and covers are in the second drawer, swaddling blankets and sleep sacks are in the third drawer, and baby bath towels and crib sheets are in the last drawer. I figured since we're having so many different people visiting that it would just be easier to label everything so I don't have to answer the questions all the time.

Now we just need to add some babies!

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