Monday, May 9, 2011

35w1d: Upcoming Events & Another Date Night Dinner

I was 34 weeks, 5 days on Friday when this picture was taken. My fundal height was 42 weeks.

My bump has developed a multitude of stretch marks around my belly button. I'm trying not to be too sad about them--they just mean I was able to keep the babies baking and growing long enough for the marks to appear. But I do agree now that cocoa butter is a bunch of BS--you're either going to get stretch marks or you aren't, and all the cocoa butter does is moisturize and make you smell yummy. I have heard it helps a lot postpartum, so I'll keep using it, but I'm not impressed thus far.

On Saturday a friend came over in the afternoon and we had a nice lunch on the back porch. It has been so sunny and beautiful here lately, and the fog is just beginning in the mornings. Murray performed his usual trick of trying to climb the back fence, but David caught him before he went over the other side.

Saturday night was another date night. When I made the dinner reservations for last Sunday and this past Saturday a month or so ago, I had no idea if we would be able to keep them. It seemed so far off and everything was so uncertain. I'm so grateful for the time I've had to keep these babies inside--and also because I really like nice restaurants and it will be some time before I can go to them again on a regular basis!

This time we ventured to a restaurant specializing in local, organic, and sustainable foods. Their specialty is a vegan "charcuterie" appetizer, and it was amazing. I always think vegan preparations require a lot higher demand on the chef's talents--it's easy to make meat flavorful, but I think it can be much harder when you don't have the fats and juices to work with. Anyway, the platter featured amazing roasted beets, pistachios, a "goat cheese" made from cashews; fennel with smoked olives and kumquats; and mushrooms with spring onion soubise and onion marmalade. The onion marmalade was unbelievably creamy, and I could have eaten an entire plate of the beets.

For an entree I had a vegetable salad with sheep's milk ricotta and crispy black quinoa. It was probably the prettiest salad I've ever had--adorable baby pea pods, beautiful carrot swirls, and the cutest little radishes. The crispy quinoa was very interesting too. David had a burger which he said was excellent. The accompanying fries were made from Yukon gold potatoes rather than the usual russet, which was a nice change.

For dessert we shared a slice of the honey pine nut tart with buttermilk ice cream and stewed kumquats. I am now obsessed with kumquats. They were so delicious and just burst in your mouth. The tart had a fantastic crust and wasn't overly dense or overly sweet.

Afterward we went for a nice, flat, slow walk which felt good although very tiring for me. I completely forgot to check my sugar an hour later though, so who knows if it was as effective at keeping my GD in check as the walk after our prior big dinner.

I have big plans for this week. Tomorrow the local twins' club book group is meeting to discuss Angle of Repose, and on Wednesday my book club is meeting to discuss Farm City. My dad will be in town Thursday and Friday, and I'm going to take him to my NST and peri appointment on Friday. I think he'll enjoy seeing the babies' on ultrasound and hearing their heartbeat, and since he won't be here when they're born, it will be nice to have him with me for some of the medical stuff.

Less-exciting plans include finally, finally finishing the babies' laundry and sorting their clothing and putting it into appropriate plastic bins by size and gender for later use. There is SO MUCH CLOTHING I can't even believe it. People have been so good to us and our Little Bears!

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