Friday, June 3, 2011


Ooh boy. Lots to update! Ingrid and Theodore's birth story will be forthcoming. But for now....

We've made it through two nights now! Two's hard work. As soon as one of them is fed, I have to feed the other one. By the time that one is done, it's almost time to feed the first one again. I am going to have to get tandem feeding down! Both of them were asleep for a lot of yesterday, so they were awake too much at night. It was tough. David is useless if he's not getting enough sleep, and I'd rather have him get some good sleep than be cranky and whiny during the day when I also need him. We'll all get better at all of this and develop a routine....we have no choice! We had to take Ingrid for her blood draw for her jaundice today, and MIL stayed home with Theo. It felt SO EASY only having one baby to be repsonsible for for a couple of hours--ha! (More on her jaundice later, but note that this is the first time the babies have not been together since conception. Crazy.)

My milk started coming in yesterday. My MIL noticed it when I was doing my first pump of the day after the babies had nursed. Great start to my 30th birthday. I also weighed myself, and I'm down 25 pounds of the 50 I gained--nice!

More and more milk has been coming in each time--I just pumped 3oz in 15 minutes after nursing both babies. I'm not sure how much of the pumping success is because my supply is going up and how much is because the babies just aren't good at pulling the milk out of me yet, but I'm going to be happy with it.

Yesterday was the babies' first bath at home. Here we are, all nice and clean. Their hair gets so cute and fuzzy after a bath!Ingrid after her bath.

Theo often has a very suspicious look on his face. I know it's just because he's so skinny and doesn't have a lot of fat on his cheeks, but it's still pretty funny.

For my birthday dinner, I got the sushi I've been craving, a fantastic Anderson Valley pinot noir that David picked up at the fancy local wine and cheese shop, and the best cupcakes ever.

Theo spent a lot of yesterday in the Moby while poor Ingrid glowed under her phototherapy blanket. He's too little to really be properly in it yet, so we made some adjustments and I didn't walk around too much with him in it. That boy just wants to be snuggled!

I'm crossing my fingers for a good night--I'm going to bed after dinner to try to get some sleep before the babies start squawking.


  1. you must be so busy! I was JUST telling my Mom that Finley is so much work, I could not imagine two of them! It's only temporary though. Soon they will be sleeping much better. Shoot...after only a week we are getting like 7 hours a night now, on and off of course. (feeding breaks). I think it just takes getting some sort of routing going..

    They are just adorable!

  2. I'm trying to get Quinn into the Moby wrap using your picture! You look like a pro! I definitely did not wrap it correctly. She wasn't sitting as upright as Theo. I think I have to try again :)

  3. Theo's a little skinny to really be in the Moby, so I don't know that I did it correctly either. But my friend said the Moby mantra is "visible and kissable" to make sure that they're up high enough. Good luck with it!