Sunday, May 1, 2011

34w: May Day!

I know I owe an update of pregnancy statistics, but I want to first report on the Big Day Out I had yesterday.

Time was running out on returning some of the gifts I received from Babies R Us (worst return policy ever--truly byzantine), and we needed to pick up some furniture from IKEA. So....I had a big outing! David dropped me off at the front door of BRU and I waddled inside. There was a wheelchair there, and I decided to take advantage of it. David was busy moving all the boxes to the counter, so I had to push myself--that was hard work, but good upper body exercise that I could use. We had the nicest salesladies, and if their computers hadn't died THREE TIMES it would have been completely painless. David decided we needed to buy some crib sheets even though I (still) haven't received the registry completion coupon. The salesclerk said that they send it up to two weeks AFTER delivery. That seems....kind of beyond stupid. I really wish there were a Buy Buy Baby closer to us so that I wouldn't have to give all my baby business to BRU.

After BRU we headed down the street to IKEA. Because I finally gave up on getting the heirloom changing table out to California (so sad!), we needed to get something. The solid wood options from Pottery Barn were nice, but for what they cost the reviews were really pretty poor. I also hate high end mass produced stuff like that...if I'm going to drop $500 on a piece of furniture, I'd rather go to a local furniture store. So the natural alternative--IKEA. I definitely agree with those who say that IKEA's quality has gone down--the IKEA furniture my parents bought for my bedroom when I was 5 still looks excellent, but some of the stuff I bought in law school is a total wreck after one move. Oh well, we got a thin dresser to go in the room and a bureau to use as a changing table for in the alcove.

IKEA was also just a fun experience (isn't it always??). David really wanted to eat at the food court, and while we were there we saw so many kids! Including a set of fairly young twins in a DSNG. Then in the ladies room I met a mom with approximately 2 1/2 year old B/G twins. We chatted a bit and it was really sweet. It was exciting to see "our people" out and about and not looking too sleep-deprived.

After my big adventure in public, I definitely needed a nap. Then later last night my good friend came over and we ordered pizza! I was really hoping that the whole wheat crust would mean that the chicken, cheese, and green pepper pizza would be okay with the GD numbers....not so much. :( So no leftovers for me. It was delicious at least.

We have big plans (my concept of "big" has been altered, I'll admit) tonight again. I'm so excited to have made it to May--next goal is to get to Gemini!

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