Friday, May 6, 2011

34w5d: Bathroom Remodel Complete!

Yesterday, three weeks to the day after they started work, the contractors finished the bathroom remodel. I really think they took advantage of my being home all the time to come for an hour here, an hour there, instead of putting in the three or four days of work that it actually took.

I am SO glad they finished before the babies' arrival!!

As a reminder of what the hideous bathroom looked like beforehand:

Please note the giant, long crack in the floor.

As well as the multitude of oddly placed electrical outlets and switches. Dave's favorite was always the seashell soap dish cut in the vanity.

And now:

Cleaned up electrics and no more seashell!

Actual room on the vanity to put toiletries, plus a shelf!

A non-cracked floor!

Dave is very excited about the new toilet. It's a European style toilet with two flushing options depending on the needs at the time. Very efficient.

I'm overall pleased with the contractors that we hired. He got the job done and within the estimate. He had good suggestions and cleaned up pretty well. I was not pleased that some of his helpers could not understand the often-repeated instruction to be careful not to let Murray out, but all is well.

This was the first time we put money into the house that we'll actually get to see and enjoy it--a new water heater and furnace, the earthquake retrofit, and pulling out the knob and tube are not very sexy upgrades. I really don't think we'll be doing too much else in the way of work though--we like this house and that's why we bought it--except for that bathroom. I think it's now something that even if people don't love it, they at least won't think "ick!" when they see it!

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