Thursday, April 28, 2011

33w4d: The Taste of Freedom

I have tasted freedom, and it comes in a plastic cup with a green straw.

I had an ultrasound appointment and an NST today. I have to think about how many ultrasounds I've had. I think this was the seventh. I know there are lots of pregnant women who are disappointed that they only get one or two ultrasounds, but I have to say they're not fun anymore. The only reason I go frequently is to check that nothing is wrong, and the technician is not interested in taking cute pictures--and as both babies are looking at my back, there really is no opportunity to catch them sucking a thumb or yawning. So it's basically just one big anxiety incident until the technician pronounces that they're measuring on track and the fluid levels look good. I don't even bother getting the pictures anymore on my CD--a blob labeled "kidneys" is not memorable.

One thing I will say about my ultrasound office is that I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes. I think it's because I'm scheduled for a double appointment that the technician who gets me is less backed up. Or maybe the other people in the waiting room (it's usually crowded) are just much more prompt than I am and arrive really early for their appointments? I do notice that it's almost always couples waiting. David hasn't come with me since the first ultrasound, and I have to say I honestly don't mind. Especially now when there really isn't anything much to see, it would just be a waste of time for him. He always is eager for a full report so I know he's interested, but it doesn't make sense for him to use vacation time to watch floating blobs get labeled "B - Bladder."

I had a bit of time in between the ultrasound and the NST, and I decided to venture to....Starbucks. Not that I'm a huge Starbucks fan, but I was craving an iced coffee. I figured that getting it half-caf would make the babies nice and wiggly for their NST. It was the first time I've spent money in a store since being in the hospital! I've certainly spent enough online to make up for it though.

I always thought that iced coffee was just coffee over ice. Not so. Starbucks uses some other sort of blended mix, and since I was worried about the carbs and the GD-ness, they instead did an Americano over ice for me. It was super delicious and my numbers today have been fine. It was exciting seeing people and having interactions like a normal, non-bed ridden person!

The babies passed their NST with flying colors and didn't even have to get zapped today. My blood pressure has been great, which is a relief on the pre-eclampsia front. I've always taken pride in my blood pressure, which I know sounds silly. During my freshman year of college, the nurse at the health services clinic asked me if I ran marathons because my blood pressure was so good. David, who actually does run marathons, has generally higher readings than I do. Ha!

My next NST is on Tuesday--four whole days in between appointments!

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