Wednesday, March 30, 2011

29w3d: Sunshine

After weeks and weeks of rain and clouds, the weather here has been gorgeous this week. Today was especially lovely, and even better, a friend came over for a visit with her 2-month old baby. She brought me a yummy lunch and it was great having some daytime company. We sat in the living room, and after she left I brought my laptop out to the living room and worked in the sunshine coming through the big window at the front of the house until my battery ran out. The cat joined me in the sun, which was fun too.

I was wondering if my pasty white legs might pick up any color through the window, and it turns out that yes! you can tan and burn through a window. It's obviously not as strong as being outside, but there's something. The window glass also filters a lot of the worst rays too.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound, a doctor's appointment, and my meeting with the dietitian. I'm really excited to see the babies again--they have been moving like CRAZY this week--and I'm interested to talk to my doctor about short term disability. I still have a lot of work to finish up before I'd feel comfortable abandoning my job, and I hope everything will cooperate to let me get it all done!

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