Monday, March 21, 2011

28w1d: Back to Work

I love technology. I'm hoping that my co-workers are thinking of me as just someone in a different office. We work across offices all the time--I've never met a lot of the people I work with on a regular basis--and it's no issue. I have my office phone forwarded to my home phone and my cell phone, and unlike David's VPN, my VPN is just as fast as if I were in my office. My assistant is great about scanning my mail for me, and if I need anything printed she'll print it, put it in a sealed envelope, and David can pick it up for me on his way home.

I am sad that I had to cancel out of an event for Thursday night, but people have been very understanding. I got some very good advice last week to transition out of the projects where I'm on a big team and it'll be easier for other people to pick up my work, and
to concentrate on the projects where it's a much smaller group and my institutional knowledge would be harder to replace. So that's the plan!

I have been really sad that I can't get up to the babies' room to take all my shower gifts out of their boxes and start organizing. David has not been very interested in doing any of that, either. His dad is coming to visit in a few weeks and he thinks he'll be able to get everything done then. His dad is really amazing and handy....but I want some stuff done now! So this weekend I begged David to take the car seats and stroller out of their boxes and make sure that the car seats snap properly into the snap-n-go. Even though the stroller website assured me that the car seats I wanted (Graco Snugride) were compatible, I wanted to make sure.

David had no trouble setting up the stroller, but figuring out how the car seats snapped in was definitely more of a challenge. The instructions were pretty useless--there was nothing about how you need to remove some of the bars depending on your stroller--but eventually--with the help of this video--we got it. Thanks lady!

Ta da!
That would be our cat, Murray, in his cat cube, riding in the seat. Because obviously as soon as David had finished he would have to get the cat to test it out. Murray did a good job with it, actually.

Seeing how long the stroller is with the two seats attached makes me glad I made the decision not to get a travel "system." They might be great for one baby, but with two it just seems like it would be way too bulky for us, at least to start--or at least in this format. Maybe a side-by-side for our next one?

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