Thursday, March 17, 2011

27w4d: Sugary Drink of Sugary zzzzzzzzzz

While I was in the hospital last week, they gave me the one-hour glucose test. I got the lemon lime flavor and it was not bad at all. I knew I was going to fail because they also brought me a lunch tray and I started eating right before they gave me the test. Way to go with the timing there. I know you don't have to fast before the one hour, but it can't have helped.

So this morning I trotted off to Quest for the three-hour version of the test. I arrived right at 8am and there were seven people ahead of me--all us overnight fasters must have gotten there right when it opened. The first five people were really quick, and then they skipped to me because they saw I was going to be there for a long time. Lady #6 shot daggers at me--Lady #6 can suck it.

Have I mentioned I have horrible veins? I have horrible veins. The bruise on my right wrist from the hospital draw last week extends from the middle of the back of my hand to well past my wrist bones. That was done by a NURSE who presumably does this a lot.

Well, the ladies at Quest are blood draw goddesses. Blood Draw #1 to get my fasting number was super quick and I went back to the waiting room for.....

Big Orange Drink of SUGAR. It tasted way sweeter than the drink for the one-hour. I didn't get to have it over ice this time either, but at least it was cold.

The hour wait began. It wasn't too bad for the first 45 minutes....and then I started feeling a little lightheaded. And then dizzy. And then like I was going to pass out. The waiting room had filled and emptied again by that point, and I called out to the nurse sitting at the reception desk that I did not feel very well. She asked if I was nauseous, and I said no. She said she would go clear the bed off for me. While she was gone, I tried to put my head between my legs, but--surprise--I couldn't bend that way due to my bump. I slumped to the side of the chair and tried to keep focused. By the time the nurse came back, I was actually feeling a little better. She led me into a back room with a "bed"-like couch and I sat down, but it was time for them to draw my blood again. I felt okay for that and then I went to the bed and slept until my next draw. I just could not keep my eyes open! After the third draw I had to get on a conference call for work, and I managed to stay awake until the fourth draw. The three hours go by really quickly when you sleep through two of them!

I really, really hope I fail this test....we have Girl Scout cookies in the house! And Easter and Easter candy! It seems like the one-hour produces a lot of false-positives, but I know that twins have a higher incidence of GD. Fingers crossed....

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