Friday, March 18, 2011

27w5d: Keeping Busy

Even though I slept a lot yesterday, I had no trouble sleeping last night. I really wish it were possible to bank sleep for after the babies are here!

I'm still working from home, and today has been really busy and I've been really productive. Those are the best days--when you don't even notice time flying by. I'm only going to be able to work another couple of weeks before my doctor puts me on disability, and I have a lot of projects that I want to finish. I've been working on some of these for literally years, and it makes me sad to yield control of them or see others take over for me. But I know it would have happened at some point anyway, and there actually are some good break points coming up.

I'm worried about how I'm going to stay busy after I'm no longer working. I love to read and I'm hoping to set myself up with a lot of books that are on my shelf that I haven't gotten to yet. I know myself, and I know that I could while away time watching TV and surfing the internet, but I never feel good after doing that for more than a couple of hours. I know I would get depressed and bored and mad at myself really quickly if I don't use time "productively."

Some books I want to read:
Pride and Prejudice (I know! I know. I read Emma in high school and my book club did Sense and Sensibility a few months ago. It's about time I read this!)
okay, so that list didn't work out very well. My bookshelves are in other rooms, so I'll have to take a look on a trip to the kitchen at some point!

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