Sunday, March 27, 2011

29 weeks!

(I'll have to add a picture later....I have to ask David to find the little thing for transferring and uploading!)

How far along? 29 Weeks!
Total weight gain/loss? About the same as last week, I think. I'll get weighed on Thursday. I really don't mind the weight gain because I know I'll lose it, but it's so crazy seeing those numbers on the scale and realizing that's what I weigh. My weight has always been really steady ever since college, and it's hard to associate that weight with me.
Maternity clothes? Oh yes. I'm having trouble with jeans at the moment. I have two pairs of maternity jeans--a medium that I bought and a large that a friend gave me from her pregnancy (also twins). They're from the same store. The mediums fit my body, but the panel is now too tight for my bump. The panel on the large fits the bump, but the jeans are too big for my hips so they keep falling down. I'm kind of a mess, jeans wise!
Stretch marks? Not so far! But I feel like my belly is having a growth spurt, so who knows.
Sleep? Becoming less and less comfortable. My hips hurt, and putting a pillow between my legs hasn't helped. Once I wake up, it's hard to fall back to sleep.
Best moment last week?
Finding a pediatrician that we can WALK to.
Movement? I love feeling them move. I'm going to miss that after they're born!
Food cravings? Fruit. :(
Gender? Girl and a boy!
Labor signs? Braxton-Hicks, Braxton-Hicks, Braxton-Hicks.
Belly button in/out? No change--mostly out. If I'm lying on my back it falls back in a bit.
What I miss: Dessert.
What I am looking forward to: Getting the bathroom remodel underway (lots more about that will follow).
Milestones: 29 Weeks! 30 is just around the corner!

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