Tuesday, March 15, 2011

27w2d: Peri Appointment Update

I left the house for the first time since Saturday to go to my perinatologist appointment. In prior appointments she has been very blase with me because everything was going so smoothly. This time I noticed a definite uptick in her concern. She assured me that failing the FFN was great news, but she does want me on bedrest from here on out. And in contrast to my last appointment where she said she thought I could work until 36 weeks, this time she asked why I hadn't brought the disability papers with me for her to sign.
She had some but not all of my test results from the hospital. They faxed some more over to her while I was there, and we learned that I'm anemic. Not a big surprise considering I have about 70% more blood pumping through my body than I did prior to getting pregnant, but I'm still disappointed because I've been so good with my iron supplements. Now I get to take those 3x a day--I'm sure my digestive system is going to love that. She'll see me again in two weeks. I scheduled the appointment for right after my ultrasound appointment to make the most of my time outside.
Working from home has made me not really notice I'm on bedrest. I was productive today which was both good but also nice and distracting.
I continue to feel contractions whenever I get up, but when I'm lying down they are infrequent and also very mild--lasting no more than 20-30 seconds. Stay calm uterus, and stay long, cervix!

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