Friday, June 17, 2011

Growing Babies!

Okay, they're still asleep, so I'm going to do another post.
At the two week appointment on Monday, we received the very pleasant news that Ingrid was up to 7 lbs, 10 oz and Theo was at 5lbs, 13 oz. Both were 10 ounces above their birth weights!
It is getting harder to pick up Ingrid with one hand, and she has begun to outgrow some of the newborn-sized clothing. Theo is now finally fitting into some of the newborn clothing and things aren't hanging off of him nearly as much. I don't think he'll ever have chubby cheeks like his sister, but he doesn't look so pinched anymore and he no longer feels so breakable when we change his diaper or clothes.
We've been going for walks in the stroller every day which has been wonderful. The babies like being bounced around, and it is good for me to get outside and get some stamina back.

This was on our first walk when the babies were eight days old.

We saw lots of beautiful flowers on our walk--I love summer in California!

We are going a bit farther every day as I am getting stronger and having less pain. When my dad arrives on Sunday, we are going to have a lot of fun walking to the park and going for ice cream! The double snap-n-go was definitely the right choice--it is nice and lightweight. The bulkier double strollers would have been way too much to handle!

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  1. Great work! Are you still using a nipple shield with Theo? I haven't tried one yet with Quinn. I'm struggling to bf Teagan, pump and try bf'ing Quinn - at this point, I'm only trying with her 1-3 times per day (definitely not enough). It sounds like Theo and Quinn are roughly the same size.
    Does Ingrid finish eating before Theo? How long does it take them to bf? Are they getting a full feeding or do you ever have to supplement afterwards?
    Sorry for all of the questions! You're doing much better than I am!! :)