Monday, June 27, 2011

A Big Day!

Yesterday we had not one but TWO outings--first to the lake and second to an art fair.

David needed to go for a run yesterday, and the babies were in a relatively calm mood post-feeding, so we loaded everyone up and drove down to the lake. My dad and I pushed the stroller while David ran. The weather was beautiful! The babies enjoyed the fresh air, my dad and I enjoyed receiving compliments about them, and David got in a good run.

One woman who was jogging stopped when she saw the double stroller and told us about her 2.5 year old boy-girl twins. She's in the twin group too, but we hadn't met before. She was very encouraging. I love how supportive Moms of Multiples are!

Later in the afternoon we drove up to an art festival that was taking place in a nearby neighborhood. We expected the sidewalks to be crowded, so I suggested we wear the babies rather than take the stroller. If there were any major meltdowns, we would never be far from the car or home.

It was a lot of fun! We definitely received less attention as individuals than we do when we have the double stroller. Plus it was nice having a baby snuggled so close. They truly are like little space heaters.

We finished off the evening watching Up. I held Theo and David held Ingrid. I think my dad was jealous without a baby to hold during the movie (tough; I'm not sorry I didn't have triplets!), but it was nice settling in and cuddling as a family of four. The babies were sleepy throughout the whole movie, and then we had a pretty good night.

It's days like yesterday that make me think we're actually going to be able to do this!

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