Friday, June 17, 2011

Date Night and other updates

MIL leaves tomorrow and I am so sad. She has been amazing--she keeps popping up with clean loads of laundry or freshly baked cookies or offers of diaper changes. Our future guests have a lot to live up to!
Last night she insisted that David and I go out for dinner. We had a previous "date" last Wednesday to Home Depot, OfficeMax, Babies R Us, and OSH, but dinner last night was our first trip without a baby-related purpose. We went to a yummy casual-yet-upscale-food restaurant that is pretty new. I had duck leg confit and David had a pork meatball sandwich. It was delicious and fun to be out and about. For dessert we walked down to Dreyer's and had ice cream cones. I had chocolate peanut butter cup and rocky road, and David had chocolate chip cookie dough. I'm pleased he didn't pick his usual vanilla. :) I strongly believe that regular "us" time is crucial to our sanity and our relationship, and a happy mommy and daddy is necessary for happy babies.

MIL gave the babies bottles while we were gone, and then I pumped when we got home. The babies are getting about one bottle a day each just so they remember how to take the bottle, so I'm getting in one pumping session a day. So far supply has not been an issue at all, and I'm really grateful for that. Nursing is hard work--and hard on my body. I'm down to just 10 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight, meaning I've lost 40+ pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. MIL figured I'm losing over 1000 calories a day with nursing, so I guess it's not surprising. My appetite is huge, and it's fun to be able to eat all the goodies I couldn't have with the gestational diabetes--such as Dreyer's (non sugar free) ice cream!

David has survived his first week back at work with only minimal sleep deprivation. Nursing at night is working out better than bottles because I don't have to pump AND try to feed a baby. What we've been doing is having David get up with me for the first night feeding and take care of mid-feeding diaper changes, and he dozes on the sofa while I nurse. Then MIL gets up for the second night feeding and does the same. I am looking forward to when the babies will go a solid 4 hours without waking up, but we aren't there yet! They're very lucky they're so cute.

I'm almost done with the birth announcement. We received the full CD of images from Ava this week (so fast!!) and it was really fun picking out the pictures. To close this post, here's one of my favorites that wasn't in the sneak peek.

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