Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ingrid & Theo's Birth Story: Part Two

(Read Part One here)
As my contractions got going and I learned the meaning of PAIN, I wanted to move around to try to cope. But with the internal monitor on Ingrid, the external monitor on Theo and my contraction monitor, I couldn't go very far or very easily. I was really not happy with this, and I managed to haul myself out of the bed anyway. My nurse was a bit unsure of what to do with me, but she got a Chuks underneath where I was standing because I was leaking fluid. And of course I managed to pull out Ingrid's internal monitor with all my jostling around.

Right about then David finally got to the room. He proceeded to stare at me with something approaching terror as I glared at him and tried to handle the contractions, which were coming about every two minutes. Two nurses helped me back into the bed and N tried to get the monitor back on Ingrid. She did something, but Ingrid still wasn't showing up so they put the external back on her. At that point I said I wanted an epidural. To David's credit, he took my hand and reminded me that I had wanted to wait so was I sure I wanted the pain relief? I say to his credit now, because I really do think it was great that he both (a) remembered the plan and (b) had the courage to bring it up to me. At the time, however, I believe I hit his hand away and barked at poor N that I wanted the epi and I wanted it NOW.

N paged Dr. K and gently told me that it would be a few minutes before she would arrive, and then another few minutes to get the epi placed, and then another 10 minutes or so before I would feel the relief. So I understood I'd be looking at at least 30 more minutes of the worst pain I had ever felt. David asked if I wanted to squeeze his hand, but I was afraid I'd break his fingers so I kept squeezing the rails of the bed. N was awesome, rubbing my shoulders and talking to me.

Dr. K arrived and had me sit up in the bed and slump against David's shoulders while she placed the catheter. I think she also had me sign some paperwork, but I certainly didn't read it and I must say that I'm not sure it would hold up as informed consent--contract of adhesion, duress, all that....ha. Anyway, the needle stung a bit, but I was so excited with anticipation that I would soon be more comfortable that I barely felt it. Dr. K finished up and left, and a few minutes later, she told me that I should feel some numbness in my legs--I didn't. N said I shouldn't feel my next contraction as strongly--but I did. And the next one too. Another 10 minutes later, and I was still writhing in agony, and N decided to call Dr. K back. The epi hadn't "taken" and had to be repeated. So we redid the whole sitting up, slumping, and injecting. Finally, around 10:30pm, I could breathe without wanting to scream. David gave me a wonderful foot rub, and I relaxed.

Dr. Y came back then for an update and to figure out what was going on with Ingrid's internal monitor. It turns out the internal wasn't picking up Ingrid because it was attached to my cervix, not my baby. Dr. Y re-placed it, and she said that she'd be back every few hours to check me, and that I should try to sleep. N brought in a cot for David, and we both caught a few hours sleep.

Around 2:00, Dr. Y pronounced me complete at 10cm, and I could push at will. I fell back asleep until 2:30, when N came back and explained how pushing would work. And at 3am, I felt the urge to push--I was worried I wouldn't know what it would feel like, but it really was instinctual. It was time for these babies to get moving!

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