Saturday, April 2, 2011

29w6d: Eating for Three on a GD Diet

I think I'm getting the hang of testing my glucose level. I've learned which fingers are best for giving good droplets of blood and which aren't, and I've mastered the art of popping the used needle into the sharps disposal container. David went grocery shopping today and returned with lots of GD-friendly foods for me. I am really, really lucky that he is an excellent cook and a good shopper. (He could use improvement in picking out produce, but that's pretty minor.)

Anyway, I see lots of questions online from women looking for inspiration for what to eat, so I thought I'd list what I've been eating. So far these meals/snacks have kept my sugars at acceptable levels. I'm worried that as the placentas get bigger I may not be as successful controlling everything with diet (or that I might have to cut out the fruit, which would make me very sad), but for now, here are my ideas. I'd love to hear more! (Note that I only eat poultry and seafood, so there's no beef or pork in these meals.)

Breakfast Ideas
scrambled eggs and chicken sausage links
scrambled eggs and Eggo waffle with sugar free jelly
whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter
scrambled egg on whole wheat English muffin with melted cheese
oatmeal (not the sugary kind that comes in little envelopes but the kind that you have to scoop out) with cinnamon and Splenda sprinkled on top and chicken sausage links

I love breakfast. When I was still going into work, I would have a banana while getting ready, and then once I got to work I'd have a bowl of cereal with a yogurt and fruit on top. Or oatmeal with fruit. It was such a nice way to ease into the day while checking email that came in overnight. Weekend brunch is my favorite meal to eat out--there's a restaurant near our house that does this amazing pumpkin waffle with cinnamon butter and maple's to die for. I look forward to that every fall. I hate deciding between sweet and savory though--why is it that so few restaurants give you an option of scramble eggs with a piece of French toast or a pancake on the side?

Mid-Morning Snack
apple and string cheese and whole wheat crackers
banana and string cheese and whole wheat crackers
yogurt ("light" or "no sugar added") with some whey protein powder and 1/4 cup granola
carrots and hummus and whole wheat crackers
apple and peanut butter
banana and peanut butter

I love snacks! Snacks are delicious and I totally look forward to my snack times.

sandwich: whole wheat bread (try to find a 2x fiber kind), mustard, turkey, cheese, and spinach OR lentil soup; carrots and hummus or yogurt with protein powder or apple with peanut butter (depending on what I had for a snack); 2 sugar free cookies; Crystal Light

I'm not a very adventurous lunch eater. I like sandwiches and I don't get bored with them. David doesn't like tuna so he won't make me tuna salad, otherwise I'd mix that in to replace the turkey once or twice a week.

Mid-Afternoon Snack
Same options as the mid-morning snack. Since I'm having twins, my dietitian said I could have two snacks in between lunch and dinner, and with the second one I like to have a sugar free chocolate pudding cup.

grilled chicken--with either a jerk sauce or a lemon pepper rub; cooked broccoli or carrots; brown rice or a sweet potato with sour cream; 8 oz milk with protein powder sprinkled in.

I am not a fan of supplements. But the protein powder is pretty necessary for me to get enough protein to grow two babies. David bought me the vanilla flavor, and it's not too bad. I can generally taste it, but it's not that offensive and I know it's good for me.

Evening Snack
1/2 cup sugar free ice cream with sugar free chocolate sauce

This is my favorite food of the day. Not surprising, I hope. There are some decent sugar free ice creams out there. But I'm adding real Ben & Jerry's to my pinot noir and sushi food request after I deliver!

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