Friday, April 22, 2011

32w5d: Great Appointments

Taking a break from the history lesson....

Today I had my first non-stress test. I'm going for NSTs twice a week now--next Monday and Thursday. I also met with the perinatologist and the dietitian.

The nurses at the antepartum testing office were so nice. I'd forgotten to get my insurance card back from David (he needed it to photocopy for a different form, oh the never-ending forms!) but it was not a problem at all. The appointment started with a surprise ultrasound so the nurse could figure out the best places to put the monitors. It was really fun seeing the babies, even though the screen was much smaller than at the ultrasound office. She determined that both babies are actually vertex, which is great news! She strapped the monitors on me and then we talked about books for awhile. I'm reading Farm City for my book club right now (review will be forthcoming) so we talked about book club recommendations. I'm going to bring the notebook where my mom wrote down her book club books and where I've written down mine for her to peruse on Monday.

As per usual, Baby A was very cooperative but Baby B kicked his monitor off a couple of times before the nurse could get him to stay on. I am really curious if this is going to be indicative of their personalities on the outside! Both passed with flying colors, thank God, and I had very few contractions and no major ones during the 40 minutes I was on the monitor.

I then headed over to the peri. I had Dr. G again--it had been about a month since I've seen her. She confirmed that I'm definitely growing, as are the babies. She was very pleased with my GD numbers which was very encouraging because I thought I had been having some trouble with my lunch numbers. She was confidence-inspiring that so long as Baby A stays vertex we'll go for the vaginal birth. As Baby A has been head down ever since we met her, I have faith in her! Dr. G asked how much I was resting, and I said that I was continuing with bed rest because when I get up I feel tightening. She said that was to be expected and she wasn't terribly worried. Yay!

And then it was across the hall for the dietitian. It was E again (I think I prefer M). I asked E about what I should do if we went out for dinner, and she said that a short walk would help. I think David and I might start taking short walks down the street after dinner--very exciting for me!

Tonight two friends are coming over for dinner and to hang out. I haven't seen them in a month, so I'm interested in knowing if they think I've grown!

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