Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Wow, I was doing really well at daily posting there....and then not so much.
Last Thursday I met with the dietitian and my peri to go over my GD numbers and diet diary. They were both really happy with me. It was nice to get some good news and feel like something was going well! Hopefully I'll be able to control everything with diet, but if I do need to go on the medication I do understand it's not the end of the world and it's not my fault--it's just the circumstances of two placentas kicking my hormones into overdrive. I told the dietitian how hungry I was, and she suggested a new snack for me--greek yogurt with some berries and almonds.

(image credit: Chobani)

YUM. I never really had Greek yogurt before, but David bought me some this weekend, and I am loving it. I add a packet of Splenda, 5 or 6 blackberries, and some almonds. Delicious and filling!

I asked the peri about why I was still only having ultrasounds every four weeks, and he said it was because of the error rate--it's possible that my 28 week ultrasound was measuring ahead, and then one at 30 weeks could measure behind, making it look like the babies hadn't grown even if they had. My statistical background had to have a sit-down with my mothering instincts of "I want to see my babies!!!!", but ration trumped passion, and I know he's right. So still no ultrasound until April 28.

Instead.....I get to go for NSTs twice a week starting next week. It's getting harder for me to tell which baby is kicking, so it will be good to know that both of them are moving around enough and that their heart rates are on track.

So, it's all just holding stable here....hoping that continues for the next six weeks!!

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