Wednesday, April 20, 2011

32w3d: Backing Up

There's not much going on here today or news to report. The workmen placed the tile and grout for the new floor in the bathroom and are currently fixing the electric work and installing a new overhead fan and light. I'm really excited that they're also going to install an outside outlet--this Christmas I'll be able to have outdoor lights! (That was a total shock the first year we lived here when I couldn't string up lights the way I wanted to--why would anyone expect that a house WOULDN'T have an outdoor plug??). The noise from the construction forced me to retreat to a guest bedroom so I could have a conference call--I was leading the call so it wasn't one that I could just mute and take notes. The cat has retreated with me, which makes me happy because it implies that he actually likes me and wants to be near me. That is a question, because if David is around, forget it--Murray only has eyes for him.

Anyway, I thought that on uneventful days like this, since I didn't start this blog until I was already more than 6 months pregnant that I'd try to recall some of the goings-on from earlier in my pregnancy.

I'll start with my first midwife appointment. Numerous friends had touted the benefits of seeing a midwife over an OB, and I was persuaded. I called and we scheduled my first appointment for when I was seven weeks pregnant in late October. We spent most of the appointment chatting about pregnancy, birth, and what I should expect. It was really nice. I was surprised that there was no ultrasound equipment in the office, so I didn't have an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy at that time. She also said that my uterus was tipped, so she wouldn't have been able to find a heartbeat that early either. But everything else seemed normal and regular, and I certainly wasn't worried. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I wasn't able to make my next appointment until the beginning of December, but that didn't seem to be a problem. I really liked how laid back everybody was, yet still exuding extreme competence.

(Of course we all know what happened in December.....ha!)

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