Tuesday, April 26, 2011

33w2d: Attentive

Sunday brought me to 33 weeks, which feels like such a success. I feel so much better than I did six weeks ago. The Little Bears' room is really coming along, and I am feeling them move so much--I think I finally feel confident that we're going to be bringing home two happy babies. I even let David wash some of the newborn-sized clothing. The socks are so TINY!

On Easter I made a jailbreak to go to church. It was exciting being out in public. My lungs are so compressed that I had trouble holding my breath long enough to sing properly though. David made delicious jambalaya for dinner.

Yesterday was another NST day. As I waddled down the hall to the office, a maintenance guy asked if I was having a boy or a girl. I said one of each! He asked if they had names, and I sadly admitted that the boy did not. "Joshua!" he proclaimed. "That's his cousin's name--it's taken!" I had to reply. That very brief interaction made me realize all the attention I'm missing out on by not getting to go anywhere. I suppose it's nice that no one is trying to pat my belly all the time and I suppose I'd get sick of hearing "any day now," but people generally are really nice to pregnant women, and it's always nice when people are nice to you.

The actual NST appointment was fine. Apparently the 1/2 of a Diet Coke (caffeine free) that I'd had on the drive over wasn't enough to get them moving as much as the nurse wanted, so she zapped me with a small black device that looked like an electric razor. It was totally painless, but it made the babies perk up and pay attention! My next NST is on Thursday after my growth ultrasound. Assuming I have time in between appointments, I'm planning to go to Starbucks and get an iced coffee. The weather this week is gorgeous--all sunshine--and it will be so nice to be a bit out-and-about!

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