Thursday, April 21, 2011

32w4d: Bubbles and Cats

Continuing with yesterday's theme....

The first time I felt a baby move, I was sitting in the arm chair in my dad's family room in Pennsylvania, working--probably on the non-billable year-end report that took up way too much time over my Christmas vacation--and I felt a tiny tickle in my abdomen. I froze and waited a moment, and I felt it again. Like a little bubble popping inside me, exactly as I'd heard. It was gentle yet insistent. I wondered if it was Baby A or Baby B, or both of them. I wanted to find my phone and call David and tell him, but I didn't want to move in case I missed more bubbles. I also felt like this was mine, that only I could experience, and I wanted to take some time to savor it.

The first time I felt an actual kick, I was sitting at my desk at work. I felt a jab, like a sharp poke from inside. I was in the middle of a meeting and I couldn't really say, "hang on....I need a moment to enjoy feeling one of my babies kick for the first time." So I made it through the rest of the meeting and then anxiously poked my belly trying to get a repeat of the earlier performance. No luck. Then I had a drink of something and the jabbing started again. I had a feeling it was Baby A--I knew by now that was the little girl--and I wanted her brother to get going too. That night I lay on my side hoping to feel more, but no luck.

The first time David felt a kick, we were watching a video about epidurals at our second childbirth class. Someone was kicking up a storm, and I grabbed his hand and forced it onto my belly. The resultant kick was really strong and David jumped a little.

The kicking now is like a cat stretching its paws and arching its back against my ribcage. The little boy is constantly jamming his head under my right breast and causing me actual pain in my ribs. The little girl likes to tickle her body against my lower pelvis and stretch her toes up against her brother. I'm excited to see them in the ultrasound next week--they must be jammed pretty tightly against each other and it's usually hard for me to tell who is kicking unless it's in one of the corners of my abdomen.

Feeling the movement is so special, and so calming. It reminds me that the babies are part of me, are depending on me, are held by me. I am definitely going to miss feeling my babies inside when I have to share them with the outside world!

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