Tuesday, April 19, 2011

32w2d: Some Nursery Progress

As mentioned, FIL was here this weekend and he and David spent a lot of time working in the babies' room. They painted, set up the cribs, and moved furniture, as well as other household chores like washing windows and removing a dead bush from the front yard. I want to save the room pictures until it's "done"--which will be awhile because I'm (a) superstitious and (b) can't do much at any one time anyway--but this one I had to share. Murray is Assistant Paint Primer #2 (David is #1--FIL was definitely in charge of the projects).

The room is going to have an African safari theme--nice and gender-neutral. I wanted to make crib skirts and I found a pretty fabric (a pastel green, blue, and yellow stripe), but I can't sit up for that long. FIL took the fabric back with him for MIL to make them. MIL is an extremely talented seamstress (as in, she made her own wedding dress as well as the suit one SIL wore for job interviews out of grad school) so I know she'll do a great job. Frankly, she'll do a better job than I would have done and I know it. Still, it was something I wanted to do for my babies and I'm sad that I'm not getting to do it. I had bought some yarn and I'm hoping I'll still be able to crochet something for them. They have so many beautiful handmade pieces--a cross-stitch quilt made by my aunt and a cousin, two crocheted blankets made by one of my mom's friends, a knitted sweater for each by another of my mom's friends, two quilts made by MIL, and another of my mom's friends is making cross stitch wall hangings that will have their names and birth information. My mom had absolutely no sewing talent, so I don't know how she wound up with all these super-crafty friends!

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. She was right-handed so I crochet backwards, but it works for me. All the "how to do this left-handed" instructions never really made sense to me, so I just go with what works. I'm not very good, but the nice thing is that babies can't really complain! I really hope one of the babies will be left-handed too. I love being left-handed even if it is a pain in the neck sometimes.

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