Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

Just jumping back in here. The babies are now four months old, and we took them to a pumpkin patch today!

They have some very cute Halloween onesies that a neighbor down the street gave us. She has a baby boy who is a month older than Ingrid and Theo, but he is much bigger! We love hand-me-downs. Ingrid's says "Daddy's Little" and then has a picture of a pumpkin. The pumpkin looks kind of like a very cute time bomb, which is appropriate. She is our little time bomb pumpkin!

Theo's says "My First Halloween." Except you'd never know it, because he is still spending 90% of his time in a bib because he is still a happy spitter. At least he got an orange bib today.

They are getting so big! Ingrid is solidly in the 50% for weight, and she's 75% for height. Theo is in the 25% for height, but he continues to be a peanut, at 5% for weight. The pedi is not concerned, and neither are we. (Have you seen what his father looks like?)

They are giggling and smiling and cooing and sounding like baby dolphins all over the place. I am so glad this has gotten to be more fun!

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