Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lots o' Photos

So, some fun with photos.

I'm amazed at how much more "into" the play mat the babies have become in the last few weeks. When they were brand new, all they would do is cry when we would put them on the
mat, and they had no interest in the little objects that hang down. Now, they love it and will happily stare and attempt to bat at the objects for 15 or 20 minutes.

It has been so wonderful having my friends out here. M was here for a week, and H was here for two weeks. We had a great time going for picnics and walks.

This is my favorite "Ijy smiles" picture so far. She is clearly happy about being two months old.

Theo is more thoughtful about it.

We celebrated David's birthday on August 1. Theo was sleeping during the cake and candles, but Ingrid assisted.

And just when you think they're going to cry forever, they both pass out.

We took them to the National Night Out ice cream party our neighborhood hosted. I saw a lot of neighbors that I hadn't seen since I was pregnant! They were all happy to meet the babies. We also saw a whippet that looked very much like the one that I had growing up. It was the babies' first whippet-sighting! They've seen many greyhounds already too.

This week has been tough without anyone else around. We went to a twin support group meeting on Wednesday and on Friday we had a big outing--to the Social Security office and then up to a redwook park. We walked a bit, stopped and had a picnic lunch in a clearing overlooking the canyon, and then continued the walk. Ingrid and Theo were both very patient while the other ate.

Last Saturday we went up to wine country so the babies could meeet David's aunt and uncle and their poodle. The poodle is a clown and I think inspired the cutest picture of this post!

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