Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On My Own

(insert image of Eponine pining here)

I'm not really pretending that David is beside me, and I'm certainly not walking alone, but it's a pretty song and I've been singing it to the babies today. David's dad arrives Saturday, so I am doing this week with minimal daytime help and managing the second night-time feeding by myself. I know there are lots and lots of MoMs who manage twins (or more!) without any outside help, so I know it could be a lot harder, but this is still hard. For me at least. I'm trying to get out of my "others have it worse than you so you should be grateful for what you have and stop complaining" mindset and just accept that it's okay for me to say something is difficult for me.

We had a nice three-day weekend. On Saturday we went to a huge park near our house and David ran eight miles while I pushed the stroller on a lovely paved trail through redwoods. We saw lots of butterflies and it was great exercise for me. Sunday we went to Target and got some Fourth of July supplies. Sunday night....was hilariously diaster-ific. It was super hot, and neither baby wanted to sleep. So David and I rocked, carried, held, shushed, tried bouncing, swinging, dancing....and finally loaded them into the stroller at 11pm and walked up and down the street. That placated Ingrid but not Theo, so then we moved to the car and drove around. When we got home, Ingrid stayed asleep, but Theo still needed more comforting before he finally went down. David was so patient and positive the whole time--thankfully he didn't have to go to work Monday because of the holiday!

Then on Monday both were absolute angels. We went to a parade (Theo slept; Ingrid wanted to watch some of it), a park, and had friends over for dinner. They brought their two-year-old and five-month-old--hard to believe my babies will soon be that big!

Patriotic Diaper Covers!
(Ignore that part of Ingrid's diaper is sticking out of the cover.)

I love the expression on Theo's face here. He makes the silliest faces. Ingrid has definitely started smiling; I'm not sure if he has yet, but he definitely is going to be something of a comedian, I'm sure.


  1. so I have to ask. Sized or Duo for the covers?
    I am shocked that F is already on the middle rise on her duo covers and I really don't think her extra small we have will fit. She's 9.3 lbs now. Maybe it's that my infant prefolds are bulky. I don't know. Just seems crazy. I don't see the Thirsties covers working for long.

  2. Ha, those are both x-small covers. Ingrid is almost out of them and I'm thinking she's close to 10 pounds at this point. The size one duos fit her great and she can now wear the smalls as well. I do see a difference between the prefolds and flats--the prefolds are definitely bulkier at the front than the flats.

    I haven't tried any of my AIOs on either of them yet--they just look so big and so wide--I can't see them fitting between their legs!

  3. Hello, Jay! Are Theo and Ingrid fraternal twins? They are just so charming! =) I imagine you singing, “And all I see is them and me forever and forever!” You must be a supermom for taking care of the babies on your own! But, of course, I think you’d still need help from a good pedia, so you can ensure your twins are always in good health. Keep us posted on your babies’ progress! Malachi Cates